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Research Focus and Series of Works  

 The ever changing ethos of society

Globalization versus Tribalism

A visual exploration of globalization mass migration and its impact on tribal behavior 

Balancing the two diametrically opposite forces of globalism and tribalism 

"As people experience a seemingly ceaseless merging of old and new, familiar and foreign, they tend to retreat into physical, digital and psychological communities where they feel safe and comfortable. They revert to tribes"

Shapiro, D. (2018, 02 02 ). Here's how we negotiate our way out of tribalism. Retrieved from World Economic Forum :

Global Shields

 A visual questioning 

Are they continents of the globe and/or shields protecting identity ?

"Although declarations or predictions of a borderless world have become somewhat ubiquitous over the last twenty years, state borders remain one of the most basic and visible features of the international system" 

Diener, A. C. (2009, 05 19 ). Theorizing Borders in a ‘Borderless World’: Globalization, Territory and Identity. Retrieved from Wiley online Library :


A visual exploration of the boundary between attraction and repulsion

"The uncanny valley is experienced at different levels by different individuals, mostly depending on the familiarity of the subject materials. Designers can bridge the valley with changes like the addition of cartoon-like or "cuter features"

Tech Target . (2018 ). Uncanny . Retrieved from "

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