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Odd Ball 

A look at toys, trends and the latest fad taking over the household

An exploration of how to make ugly attractive

"Both children and adults judge attractive people to be more helpful, more intelligent, and more friendly than their unattractive counterparts" Savulescu, J. (2016, 07 25). The Unfairness of Unattractiveness.

Retrieved from Practical Ethics :

Cute or Ugly

A visual exploration of what drives our attraction to ugly 

Read more about the plight of the cute ugly 

""The ever-popular Ugly Animal Preservation Society uses comedy and conservation science to promote the plight of the less aesthetically pleasing endangered creatures"

Burnett, D. (2013, 02 13). Ugly animals rule, cute is creepy. Retrieved from The Guardian Australian Edition :

Cute and Uggly Teddies

Cuggly Bear

A visual exploration of cute not cuddly and slightly ugly

Read about toy company Ugly Dolls and the cute ugly trend 

Neil, D. M. (2008, 03 23). Guys and Dolls: An Ugly Remake. Retrieved from The New York Times :

Cute and Ugly Pink Teddy

Teddy's House

A visual commentary on toys taking over the home

A new study suggests "children who have too many toys are more easily distracted, and do not enjoy quality playtime"

Knapton, S. (2017, 12 05). Too many toys are bad for children, study suggests . Retrieved from News Science the Telegraph :

More Toys 

Teddy's House
Mechanical Kitty.jpg
Jumping Jack Rabbit.jpg
Super Ted.jpg

Mechanical Kitty 

Jumping Jack Rabbit 

Super Ted 

Heading 1

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