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Started my mentee journey on the 4th of March 2022 . Looking forward to working with my mentor Alison Mc Donald . Aiming to work towards developing a cohesive body of work for a solo exhibition and exploring possibilities for building new networks .

Getting back to basics and feeling inspired I've started keeping a visual diary. Mulling over ideas for works relating to memories of aprons , exploring themes relating to identity. I searched albums for photos of family members wearing aprons and found this beauty of a woman and man with camels and cart. Related . don't know how , need to find out more .

Quietly Excited !!!

Transitions is a program combining mentorship, critiques and development for emerging visual artists who have recently finished formal arts training. The artist mentees develop their arts practices, gain valuable insights into working professionally and develop their confidence to forge a career in the arts. The program also aims to fill a void in the Townsville arts ecology.

The Transitions program is a partnership between Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts and Townsville City Galleries.

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